An HVAC Company You Can Trust

Call Advance Cooling & Heating Systems for air conditioner consultations. If you’re not sure what brand or model you desire, you can depend on our HVAC company for assistance. We can do a heat load calculation to decide what size unit is best for your home, as well as a contractor proposal to change out your old unit with a new energy efficient one.We also offer Financing to qualified customers. Additionally, we provide second opinions to determine if a previous estimate is acceptable or too high.

Heat Load Calculations

Load Calculations

If you’re building a new home or additions, call us for heat load calculations. Heat load calculations help us determine what size unit your home calls for. Energy calculation tell us how efficient your new home or room addition will be. These load calculation are required by your city for issuance of a permit. If you contract the work out to us, we will refund up to 50% of the calculation costs.